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Love and hate: Lesson one

I am always afraid
Since he hunted me down
Stripped me of my innocence
Robbed me of my pride
I want to grow beyond that
But I can’t escape his shadow
It is a wound that won’t heal
That’s why I am here

You really want to do this?
I nod,
Very well he says…
I see his doubt but…
I need this strength
I need this purpose
I have been afraid so long
I will die, if I can’t shake myself free

He wrote the letters on each finger
You will love your left hand
Your jab will keep your opponent at bay
Love, will protect you when others try to make hay
Love with your left
It will pave the way for hate

He wrote the letters on each finger
Everybody must fear your hate
Whenever you throw hate
It must hurt
Hate must carry the weight
Of all your fury
It will reap pain and fear
It will buckle knees and brake bones
It will split skin and swell flesh
I have plenty of hate
I have hate to spare
So much hate it scares me

Do you think you can do that?
I nod mutely,
I know I can,
Love, love, love, hate, love, hate!
The mantra has begun
The fights will flow
I have love, I have hate, I will devastate.

Flesh and bone they fall before me
No one is less afraid
They all want to live more than I do
That’s why they lose
My hate, my fear, my shame
Washed Clean

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

Tales of the Comeback Kid’s will be a collection of poems charting survival. A journey from dark childhood tinged with sadness to great triumphs. How we survive adversity is what really defines us. Fate shakes his dice and we have to cope with the numbers good or bad. We are all comeback kids, but some of us have further to climb than others

I don’t have a release date for this collection, but I will be posting some excerpts over the next few months.

The Manna Staff Legacy: The Harbinger

This will be a second coming for this story. It is eight years since it made its fledgling, fleeting appearance and it has been out of print for a while. So why return to it now? Partly out of nostalgia for the characters and partly because it feels unfinished. Sometimes you live with a project so long you can fall out of love with it. Maybe at the last you can’t give it what it deserves. That’s when a good editor steps in and gives you that final shove. The Manna Staff did not get that last layer of love first time round, but having looked at it long and hard, I have decided it deserves it.

So armed with a new passion for the story and its characters I have embarked on a complete re-write. Harbinger will be the first slice of a two-part cake and is at second edit stage. Part two has the working name of Traitor’s Song and will conclude with lots of new material.

I will leave you with a couple of short pieces to whet your appetite and hope you will return to see how the project progresses over the next few months.

Created to save a world

It almost destroyed it

Such was its power

That it had to be hidden

No secret is ever forever

The Manna Staff

photo (3)

At the heart of the Horse Shoe mountains

Blessed by a hidden magic

Protected by an ancient wall

Deep Vale

The people of Deep Vale exist in peace and prosperity on a world tainted by a long-forgotten war. Its inhabitants are blissfully unaware that the Manna Staff, the very device that, when used in the name of good, spilled the blood of millions, is the secret that sustains Deep Vale’s lush lands. Still, the Staff’s creators labour to reverse the damage, but the burden of past guilt fills them with doubt, hampering their every effort. Time is running out and peace is at an end, for a dark foe has been unleashed in the name of revenge. It seeks the Staff, knowing it for the weapon it is. This entity hungering for power and driven by its master, twists a legend, to gather an unstoppable army. Now the fate of all Kendree rests on a wizard without magic, an ancient alliance and a wounded soldier.

deepvale section

The Blood of Legends will be the first book in the Warrior’s Heart Series. I am hoping to publish in August 2013, or a little earlier if final edit and artwork come together. In the meantime I will be posting sample chapters and artwork here to tease and tempt.

So what is at the heart of The Blood legends? It is a fantasy novel based in the world of Kendree, which is a place I have been crafting for a very long time. The kingdom’s are at peace and the darkness that dogged the world for centuries and the heroes that ended it, have passed to history and legend. An ageless man knows the dreadful truth. He keeps his vigil and prepares as best he can, but despite his thousand years, he is just an ordinary soldier at heart. He has the Book of Morlaya to guide him and the years have shown him that it does not lie. The final sacrifice was never made and a new generation would pay the price. The deception of the keys would not hold forever, but if the blood of legends still runs true, then there is hope. If those that need it, can find their warrior’s hearts, then the cycle might be broken. By sword, by sacrifice, by siege, by blood, the world might just be saved.

So what do you put in your first Post?

Well perhaps who I am and what I do might be a start! That would be boring though. Wouldn’t it? What I write is the reason that you came! If you like my crafted words, you might return and seek more of me, but that is a leap and a skip too far. Firstly I have to tempt you in.

So what do I write?

When I write long, and by long I mean a few thousand words or more. I tend to dwell in the fantasy world I have created, Kendree, a place where magic once existed, but was lost. I scribble about a kingdom with secrets and of a world of victories and defeats.  I am not that keen on writing hard-hitting contemporary fiction. Though I am not saying I never do or never will. There are simply enough harsh truths in the real world and I am not compelled to add to that right now. The root of that lies in what I read. For me, reading is an escape. A good book should whisk you away to fantasy worlds, where demons are vanquished, and heroes can rise from humble beginnings. That is why I write fantasy. In my stories I dwell in places where there is always a price to pay. Who will be willing to make that sacrifice? What will challenge them? Will triumph bring the rewards it deserves?

So that is what I write!

What about my poems and lyrics?

It is in verse that I endeavor to expose truths. The truths of life entwined in twisting lines and poignant words. Some ink on a page that echoes real life with all its love, loss, triumph, sadness and glory. (If I get it right!)

Well there it is, ‘my first blog’, good, bad or indifferent! It is done.

So what’s to follow?

News of my books, what I am up to, a short story, a poem or two! We shall see where the mood takes me.