The Blood of Legends will be the first book in the Warrior’s Heart Series. I am hoping to publish in August 2013, or a little earlier if final edit and artwork come together. In the meantime I will be posting sample chapters and artwork here to tease and tempt.

So what is at the heart of The Blood legends? It is a fantasy novel based in the world of Kendree, which is a place I have been crafting for a very long time. The kingdom’s are at peace and the darkness that dogged the world for centuries and the heroes that ended it, have passed to history and legend. An ageless man knows the dreadful truth. He keeps his vigil and prepares as best he can, but despite his thousand years, he is just an ordinary soldier at heart. He has the Book of Morlaya to guide him and the years have shown him that it does not lie. The final sacrifice was never made and a new generation would pay the price. The deception of the keys would not hold forever, but if the blood of legends still runs true, then there is hope. If those that need it, can find their warrior’s hearts, then the cycle might be broken. By sword, by sacrifice, by siege, by blood, the world might just be saved.


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