Words of Fantasy – Verses of Truth

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Home
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So what do you put in your first Post?

Well perhaps who I am and what I do might be a start! That would be boring though. Wouldn’t it? What I write is the reason that you came! If you like my crafted words, you might return and seek more of me, but that is a leap and a skip too far. Firstly I have to tempt you in.

So what do I write?

When I write long, and by long I mean a few thousand words or more. I tend to dwell in the fantasy world I have created, Kendree, a place where magic once existed, but was lost. I scribble about a kingdom with secrets and of a world of victories and defeats.  I am not that keen on writing hard-hitting contemporary fiction. Though I am not saying I never do or never will. There are simply enough harsh truths in the real world and I am not compelled to add to that right now. The root of that lies in what I read. For me, reading is an escape. A good book should whisk you away to fantasy worlds, where demons are vanquished, and heroes can rise from humble beginnings. That is why I write fantasy. In my stories I dwell in places where there is always a price to pay. Who will be willing to make that sacrifice? What will challenge them? Will triumph bring the rewards it deserves?

So that is what I write!

What about my poems and lyrics?

It is in verse that I endeavor to expose truths. The truths of life entwined in twisting lines and poignant words. Some ink on a page that echoes real life with all its love, loss, triumph, sadness and glory. (If I get it right!)

Well there it is, ‘my first blog’, good, bad or indifferent! It is done.

So what’s to follow?

News of my books, what I am up to, a short story, a poem or two! We shall see where the mood takes me.

  1. londenberg1 says:

    awesome blog, sincerely, from the fantasy writer of LondenBerg by Lord Biron

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