The Manna Staff Reborn!

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Home
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The Manna Staff Legacy: The Harbinger

This will be a second coming for this story. It is eight years since it made its fledgling, fleeting appearance and it has been out of print for a while. So why return to it now? Partly out of nostalgia for the characters and partly because it feels unfinished. Sometimes you live with a project so long you can fall out of love with it. Maybe at the last you can’t give it what it deserves. That’s when a good editor steps in and gives you that final shove. The Manna Staff did not get that last layer of love first time round, but having looked at it long and hard, I have decided it deserves it.

So armed with a new passion for the story and its characters I have embarked on a complete re-write. Harbinger will be the first slice of a two-part cake and is at second edit stage. Part two has the working name of Traitor’s Song and will conclude with lots of new material.

I will leave you with a couple of short pieces to whet your appetite and hope you will return to see how the project progresses over the next few months.

Created to save a world

It almost destroyed it

Such was its power

That it had to be hidden

No secret is ever forever

The Manna Staff

photo (3)

At the heart of the Horse Shoe mountains

Blessed by a hidden magic

Protected by an ancient wall

Deep Vale

The people of Deep Vale exist in peace and prosperity on a world tainted by a long-forgotten war. Its inhabitants are blissfully unaware that the Manna Staff, the very device that, when used in the name of good, spilled the blood of millions, is the secret that sustains Deep Vale’s lush lands. Still, the Staff’s creators labour to reverse the damage, but the burden of past guilt fills them with doubt, hampering their every effort. Time is running out and peace is at an end, for a dark foe has been unleashed in the name of revenge. It seeks the Staff, knowing it for the weapon it is. This entity hungering for power and driven by its master, twists a legend, to gather an unstoppable army. Now the fate of all Kendree rests on a wizard without magic, an ancient alliance and a wounded soldier.

deepvale section


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