The Forever Man: First Love, Last Love, Lost Love, Forever Love!

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Home, Pete's Poetry and Song and General Scrible
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The Forever Man


This is the wall where we kissed

Those are the lips I will always miss

That was the time I learned how to love

First moments of happiness that will never be lost

Could never be lost

There were promises that I made

I meant to keep, just couldn’t keep

But I meant the love that I gave

I wanted to be your forever man

But alone I could not stand

A waiting curve that’s just too steep

I am nothing but worry, I just couldn’t sleep

All those secrets that I keep came back to haunt me

How can I compete?

With all the new people you will meet

Renewed by love, but not quite enough

I wanted to stay, but I was not that tough

Your world always seemed just beyond me

It was not that you ever wronged me

 I just could never let you see

How desperate the need was in me

These were the lips

That said the words

That sang the songs

That broke your heart

That drove us apart

From a time when choices

Seemed so clear

I could not speak

My words of fear

Too young to understand it didn’t matter

I could not outgrow a childhood shattered

I could not wait for you and escape from sin

I was your forever man, but I could never win

I was your forever man

I was hamstrung by feelings I didn’t understand

I don’t need you to forgive

I needed to run, just to live

But there are things I would’ve liked to say

But they only matter to me anyway

I am still your forever man

Even if it’s a gone forever man

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss


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