Spite and lies upon his lips
Words and blood from his mouth spits
I was a puppet at his finger tips
I was just a kid

I took his sin, he took my hits
If anyone deserves this, he did
But still it’s me left broken inside
Even at the turning of the tide

Manipulation was his game
He knew how to work my shame
Which way to twist the knife
He knew how to shatter a life

In revenge there was no glory
Just another chapter in my sordid story
Once I swallowed every lie
And became the boy dead inside

The final twist was the worst of all
Truth from lies, I can’t tell at all
The doctor says, it can’t be true
The needles leave me black and blue

Yet the baron girl she haunts me still
I guess she always will
Some thing’s can’t be undone
Even when a victories won

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

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