Leaves fall, time passes…

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Home, Pete's Poetry and Song and General Scrible
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The leaves fall from the trees
The seasons so timeless pass
Like nomadic friends
On a journey, that never ends

Like a child I kick
Through dead leaves and sticks
I think of you
Whatever I do

It’s at times like these
I am so sure
The essence of you
Still clings to me

Which is good,
Because I want it too
Each season sings its own memories renewed
Cherished little pieces of me and you

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

  1. petescribes says:

    Reblogged this on Pete Scribes and commented:

    Something from last year. The passing of time

  2. stacilys says:

    “Like nomadic friends”
    –I love this line, and the imagery painted here with the changing of seasons being a nomadic ‘lifestyle’ so to speak.
    Great poem Pete.

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