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Tops our tree
Like her never me

She is my glitter ball girl
These days I try to squeeze
Willingly Into her Christmas world

She is hope where I am still teenage cynic
She lights so many worlds, not just mine by being in it

People I love cut these scars so deep in my Christmas past
So many examples of how to get things wrong what took me so long
To make a start
To get things right
Glitter ball girl
You are my world
You have my heart

Friday I'm in love

Love echoes

An echo of you
It sounds within my heart
It makes me long for replays
And second starts

An echo of you
Touches deep within my soul
Such memories
Such gaping holes

An echo of you
Rings deep within my bones
In the whisper of that echo
I am never alone

An echo of you
Will always make me smile
When life lets me listen to it
Once in a while

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss


The pain exchange

Sometimes I don’t need a lover
Just someone to help me
exchange one pain for another
Someone to join this constant chase
This endless frantic race
To feed my need for new obsessions
To fill my time and cloud my mind
To leave those memories far behind

I just need a sometime lover
Who will take my hand
And won’t mind dragging me
From one day to another
When I falter, when I fall
When I lose all sense of me at all
Could you piece me back together?
Could you pain exchange forever?

Could you cope with the things I do?
This pain exchange that I go through
Each time I try to mask this pain
Trying to keep these demons tamed
I don’t know why you would join me
That’s why I never asked you to
It is not a thing that lovers do
This pain exchange I go through