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Different love

We speak in subtle gestures
Yet words we never say
It can’t be spoilt
If we keep it this way

I pass you every day
We walk opposite ways
A relationship played out
In smiles that barely reach our lips

We don’t need to speak
To know each other
In another life
We might be lovers

It’s in the way you let
your hair get wet
As you pass me by
In smiles that always reach your eyes

I loved the way you blushed
When hard hat men
Wolf whistled you
Maybe I should wolf whistle too

Another season passes
I have seen you with
Snowflakes in your hair
Now there is spring blossom there

One day this will have to end
We can’t tread this path forever
I will miss you
The girl that loved me never

But for now let’s just pretend
We don’t wear our rings
We can keep our unsaid things
We can hum our unplayed tunes

The girl who loved me never
I will miss you forever

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss