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My father walks in undiscovered countries
That I wish to exist
I want him to know
At least by this boy, he is missed

He once said that
The trouble I caused
It was just thunder
When I could be lightning



Manchester, my spiritual home…

Manchester is my spiritual home
I go there when I am alone
It’s where it doesn’t matter what’s in my heart
It’s where no one sees me fall apart

I walk with ghosts and friends of old
The silence weighs heavy on my soul
I pray that in one thing, religion is wrong
And he might hear the holy song

This place of rain and bitter winds
This place of football and songs I sing
It seems to understand the path I tread
It soothes my heart when I am full of dread

Could we walk together one more time?
Maybe you could place your hand in mine?
And I could tell you why I caused you pain
And in a small way we might begin again

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss