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Haunting love

She stirs the blood
This haunting love

I let her go
And that was wrong

These scars I bare
They make me strong

But strength
Doesn’t keep you warm

Mistakes I make
They keep me awake

I am full of needs
That I don’t want

And she never knew
She saved my life

And she never knew
She did it twice

I am full of regrets
That I can’t shake

I refused to take

For my secrets
She does not care

She only remembers
I was never there

Haunted by memories
Haunted by a love we don’t share

© 2014 Peter Anstiss


The Old Paths

We have walked these paths before you and I,
Embers aglow that should be long cold,
And I may never take your hand,
And we won’t talk about forgotten plans,



There are times I wish
You and me
Were masters of our own destiny

I yearn to be wrapped in sheets
With nowhere to go
And no one to save

No guilt to feel
No debt to pay
What game would we play?

It wouldn’t be this…

© 2014 Peter Anstiss

These lines appear in a longer poem and a song that both remain unfinished. I kind of like them and think they deserve their moment to shine alone.


A fool and a thief

To be reflected,
In those blue eyes,
To be the wonder,
That expands the black,
I have lived in that moment,
In that joy I once basked,
If I could find that key,
I would unlock those fragile seconds,
I would steal you back,

© 2014 Peter Anstiss