Argonaut – Futile struggles and vague hopes

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Pete's Poetry and Song and General Scrible
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On rain swept days
When I am all need and scars
When I am owned by pain

I can’t see what you
Or anyone else
Would love about me

Yet you do!
Even when the sea
Whispers my name

Even when the silence
Stakes its claim
You do!

Knowing what you know
These seeds of dragon bones I sow
These skeletons I feed

I have been doing this so long
Is it right?
Was it ever wrong

Seeds for hate
Seeds for sorrow
I sow today to reap tomorrow

But never in the way
That someone sowed
And reaped me

When they rise
Shields readied and blades sharpened
They will to try to finish me

I will fight
For that is what I do
Something I do for you

The clash of blades
It keeps me among the living
Loving you, it keeps me brave

You are my quest
You keep me from my crusade
The one that’s bad for me

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss

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