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Hard Rain and Small Victories

A silent run,
In the grey of the day,
Another small victory,
A triumph over the pain,
Head held high, I refuse to be low,
Though some days it seems,
All that I know,
Is how to wait for the rain,

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


This heart knows you,
It loves the songs you make it sing,
This soul yearns for you,
And the joy that you might bring,

© 2013 Peter Anstiss

As Valentine’s is fast approaching I thought I would share these few words on the joy of love that I have never been willing to discard, but have failed to find a home for within a larger piece. Image created with Sketchbook Pro & Snapseed.


A blossoming thirst

It is a defining moment,
The perfect act of trust,
So easy to let it be a lesser thing,
Consumed by the fires of lust,

I breath you in,
You breath in me,
We close our eyes anticipating,
How good it might be,

We have danced this dance,
So innocently,
Longing to touch each other,
So decadently,
Brushing against certainties,
In the uncertainties of firsts.

But banked fires build,
And neither of us,
Dare to commit to that final move,
Afraid to lose what we have gained,

Denial is just kindling to the flame,
Should we, shouldn’t we?
The new game of love,
Or lovers that we play,

If it’s love, it will wait,
If it’s love, it will never be too late,
If it’s love, I can wait,
Your move…

© 2015 Peter Anstiss