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Still missing Dad

Father’s Day, this year,
It is a bittersweet deal for me,
Falling on the anniversary of the death of my own dad,
How ironic is that?
It has rushed in on the coattails of my son’s last day at school,
As my daughters degree results on the doormat fall,
As new jobs and responsibilities command,
A different me,
It’s all change, it’s different rules,
I will have to get used to them not always being around,
While they are finding their own feet,
Treading their own ground,
Of course, I still miss my dad,
He always found the right words and never judged me,
He wasn’t perfect,
But we had a special bond,
One I strive to achieve,
With my own daughter,
With my own son,
They make me proud,
They are the best of me,
Being a good dad,
I am always working at that,
Perhaps that is why I am sad?
That dad never saw the whole of the story
Never saw my children’s triumphs, and glories
Sad at how little they got to know their grandad,
But glad that some of me,
Echoes the best of him, the best that I can do,
Still missing you, dad,

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

imageSuch a pretty thing

She was such a pretty thing
Like a rare butterfly
So fragile, yet so graceful
On the wing

He was so predatory
Oozing charisma and charm
He had so many disguises
This collector of prizes

She needs what she needs
She needs to believe
His words smooth like silk
Those lips soft and skilled

Like a spider he watches
With words a web he spins
He wants what he wants
He takes what he takes

She is lost in her hopes
So she never looks close
At the eyes that can’t hide the lies
Instead she is roped

He doesn’t care what he breaks
He is not ashamed to just take
She is not the first and won’t be the last
To be swept away in his riptide

We are not all players…
Not everyone is game…
When I stood above him
He remembered her name

She was such a pretty thing

© 2015 Peter Anstiss



Heart Shaped Sin

A heart
A small space
With a large perspective

Fickle or true
It is all that defines us
Everything for me, will always be you

This heart shaped sin
I am the boy on a string
Is it me or is it him

© 2015 Peter Anstiss