Ocean Magic: A tale of sun and rain…

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Pete's Poetry and Song and General Scrible
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Ocean Magic

I walk the darker paths
While she weaves darker arts
Whatever her hold is
She is what I want to breath

She tips her potions
Filling my oceans
Her rain
It can fall on me, let it fall on me

I am lost In the way she moves
She is a beautiful battle to lose
She is the flesh I want to press
Strip away my soul, strip away her dress

Maybe this magic is all mine
Maybe I never cross her mind
Could it be I fell through time
To drift along the seams, to be lost in dreams

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

  1. stacilys says:

    Truly brilliant, this one Pete. And this is not flattery. It is really good. 😊

    • petescribes says:

      That is high praise indeed – thank you – it is the beginning of a song I wrote that never really went anywhere, but sometimes I find that when something starts out like that it has a natural beat that is hard to achieve when you are just being poetic. You sound like you have been very busy. I look forward to reading some new posts from you 😀

  2. Aquileana says:

    Beautifully penned… Congratulations on your writing… very deep and vivid…
    All my best wishes. Aquileana ★⭐

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