‘Love is’

She gave me
A ‘love is’ cup
Before we knew what love was

At that age
You can hurt each other
Without doing any wrong

At that age
You don’t know the truth
You don’t know you’re strong

Love is
Laughing and loving
When your drifting midstream

Love is
Clinging to each other
When the boat is lost and the rapids flow

Love is
giving everything
And not taking it just because you can

Love is
Me plus you
Not just bodies uniting, not just woman and man

At our age
We know regret, we’ve ridden that bus
It won’t change the love that exists between us

‘Love is’

© 2017 Peter Anstiss


  1. Rare says:

    Amazingly beautiful. Such depth of perspective towards love .

  2. stacilys says:

    Lovely Peter. Love is a verb, something that not many know nowadays eh.

    • petescribes says:

      Thank you, Staci, I loved your comment. I live for a well used verb. Inspired by a gift baring the art work of cartoonist Kim Casali. Her concept was born out of little notes she would leave for her future husband. Her work is now beginning to reappear on fashion items long after her death, perhaps in itself demonstrating how timeless love is…

      • stacilys says:

        Oh wow, that’s great. I googled Kim Casali and read up a bit about her. You have inspired me to possibly do a weekly thing on my blog with the focus being, ‘love is…’ I think far too many people, at least in the western world, have a wrong idea about what love really is. How it’s not just about passion and feeling, but about commitment and choices.
        Thank you so much for sharing this with me Pete.
        Please have a lovely week.

      • petescribes says:

        I am so thrilled to have inspire you. And thank you once more for taking the time to interact with my work. It really means a lot 🙂

  3. […] by a post that a fellow blogger, Pete, wrote, I have decided to do a series on ‘Love is…’ I don’t know how often […]

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