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Confetti for the Unwed

Springs confetti never fell for us
That does not mean it wasn’t love
We were never just water under the bridge
My heart will always echo that kiss

Sometimes the timing is all wrong
Just one misplaced beat and the song is gone
There are truths that only my heart knows
Sometimes a winter frost kills the seeds we sow

© 2016 Peter Anstiss


Love is a strange language

In chloroform dreams
My heart aches beautifully
It’s the essence of you I need

In constrained words
I write to you often
But barren are my seeds

In metaphors and semaphore
I speak my strange language
I swear, you used to understand

I am twisted by loves blade
Caught and tortured
By uncontrollable demand

She is embedded deep
And though I ache
I don’t weep, I am not sure I can

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

25  more poems of dark love, broken hearts and sad loss are available from me in my new Ebook ‘Heart Shaped Sin’ which can be downloaded from most online stores.

Hi Res HSS Book Cover


Stolen Smiles

Does it make me a bad person
Because it hurts
That someone else gave you back
The smile
I never wanted to take away

© 2013 Peter Anstiss


The Mask

A coat for the rain
Pills for the pain
Breaths for the stress

A mask for the day ahead
Amongst the living
Despite the dead

© 2014 Peter Anstiss



An offered shield

This used to be the place
Where my friends mother worked
Even though she has passed from this earth
Her kindness still speaks to me on silent days
In wordless echoes felt even in all this desolation
Like the sun upon my face

Ticking Time

She is love, unstinting
She is the cradle, where you began
She is fading, piece by piece
She is falling, and can’t be caught
She is emptying, it can’t be stopped
She is always with you, an echo in your heart
She is mum, she loves her daughters, she loves her sons

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

A mixture of emotions flung together with thoughts of my mum and the mothers of others.


This heart knows you,
It loves the songs you make it sing,
This soul yearns for you,
And the joy that you might bring,

© 2013 Peter Anstiss

As Valentine’s is fast approaching I thought I would share these few words on the joy of love that I have never been willing to discard, but have failed to find a home for within a larger piece. Image created with Sketchbook Pro & Snapseed.


Frost Fire Days

On frost fire days
When all you are is need
When killers don’t kill the pain
Or stop the bleed

On frost fire days
Don’t clutch at straws
With fingers numb
And feelings raw

You must not yearn
For that needed kiss
That can never again
Touch your lips

Some things are forever lost,
When through fingertips they slip
Those tender moments
Are now someone else’s gift

On frost fire days
There are things to be done
Forget battles lost
Think of what you’ve won

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

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The Forever Man





My father walks in undiscovered countries
That I wish to exist
I want him to know
At least by this boy, he is missed

He once said that
The trouble I caused
It was just thunder
When I could be lightning



The photo is of two of my favourite things. Whilst having too much of one, I spent a fruitless hour, trying to capture the soul of them both in virtual celluloid. Eventually I gave up and wrote this short sad song/poem instead.


A Short Song of Regret
I’m in a dark place
Won’t someone turn on a light?
Crack open a door
Show me the way, to what I was, once before
I need a friend
To tell a joke or two
To teach me how to laugh
Now I am without you
I need a drink or five
To help me survive
To make me forget
To ease my regret
At all the time
I have spent
Without you
Without you

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss