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Winter Love

If you need…

I can be your winter love
You can reach for me
Whenever you are dark
I will hold you close

When the green of summer
Turns to falling leaves
When no one understands your needs
I could help you grieve

I know everything about falling apart
It means I can put it back together
If you find you ever
Need such things

When the rain falls
We can all shine like new
I live and linger
For moments such as these

They blot out all the times
I have fallen and been left to bleed
Maybe happiness
Is not the flower of my seed

But I still live and breath
I still love and hope
I still laugh,
And joke

Though dark rivers
May roll me out to sea
I will always wash up
On the beaches of your need

If you need…

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


The October sky and the long shadow hunter

The sun falls so rapidly
From the October sky
Leaving me amongst the leaves
Hunted by shadows, craving sleep

But sleep so rarely comes
In shadow I am undone
And your memory seeps in
To remind me of my sin

Time slides by so relentlessly
It takes its toll on our skin and our souls
Even those that are closest
Can forget the salves that sooth me

Our endless spending
Is matched by our obsessive working
Always rushing, speeding,
when we should be walking, talking

Could you stop and hold me?
Surrender a single moment
But instead you forget us
Losing faith, breaking trust

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Sleepless in suburbia

4am and I am pounding the streets again,
Young at heart, old of soul,
Knife wounds and bullet holes,
This body sings its own stories,
The cold morning mist echoes with pain,

Do you have to be dying,
To bargain with the dead,
I keep talking to the bones,
But they haven’t answered yet,
I have faced it down, did I pass the test?

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


The whispering path

What awaits at the end of the path
My love, my hate,
Futures bright, or painful past
A beginning, an end?

So I stand and can’t take a step
I am just echoes of former glories
Whispers of untold stories
For I know this place

This is where my fear was found
Where pain gnaws at my weary bones
This is where my demons hide
A leap of faith just might stem nightmares tide

Or the tide may take me…

© 2014 Peter Anstiss


The Old Paths

We have walked these paths before you and I,
Embers aglow that should be long cold,
And I may never take your hand,
And we won’t talk about forgotten plans,




I love the summer freckles,
That flower upon your skin,
They mark the longest days,
And it makes me sad that they will fade,
When the season of lost leaves begins

My English rose,
Sun blessed, sun kissed,
I love the contrast of you,
Against the darker tones of me,
In your absence, I miss that touch,
I miss that spark, I miss that rush,

Like winter, I know I am dark,
Where you are a summer bride,
We can’t change who we are,
Those things we resist,
Are ingrained deep inside,
Like the freckles that winter hides,

© 2014 Peter Anstiss


The leaves fall from the trees
The seasons so timeless pass
Like nomadic friends
On a journey, that never ends

Like a child I kick
Through dead leaves and sticks
I think of you
Whatever I do

It’s at times like these
I am so sure
The essence of you
Still clings to me

Which is good,
Because I want it too
Each season sings its own memories renewed
Cherished little pieces of me and you

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss