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Journey on… Bright lights and bad blood

My tale is sad
He said my blood is bad
I longed to prove him wrong

My past was dark
But that darkness it was never mine
Wrong place, wrong time

Swimming for the light
Running those dreams down
Even when others give you doubt

Journey on
Travel wide
Reach for blue skies

© 2016 Peter Anstiss


Love is a strange language

In chloroform dreams
My heart aches beautifully
It’s the essence of you I need

In constrained words
I write to you often
But barren are my seeds

In metaphors and semaphore
I speak my strange language
I swear, you used to understand

I am twisted by loves blade
Caught and tortured
By uncontrollable demand

She is embedded deep
And though I ache
I don’t weep, I am not sure I can

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

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Hi Res HSS Book Cover


The October sky and the long shadow hunter

The sun falls so rapidly
From the October sky
Leaving me amongst the leaves
Hunted by shadows, craving sleep

But sleep so rarely comes
In shadow I am undone
And your memory seeps in
To remind me of my sin

Time slides by so relentlessly
It takes its toll on our skin and our souls
Even those that are closest
Can forget the salves that sooth me

Our endless spending
Is matched by our obsessive working
Always rushing, speeding,
when we should be walking, talking

Could you stop and hold me?
Surrender a single moment
But instead you forget us
Losing faith, breaking trust

© 2015 Peter Anstiss



The lost boy

I find myself fearing that one more abyss
One more false step
Just might bring about the end of all this
It’s not that I am lacking in courage
I have clawed my way back before
And will do so again, if I can
But I am no longer armoured
With the boundless strength and youth
It is not always about me
It’s not even about the truth
There are other factors to consider
Other chaos that I can’t control
It seeps into my life
Casting long shadows,
Diminishing the light
Until everything is as black as them
Is that how it ends for me?
Despite all my planning
Despite all my mechanisms for coping
I will just lose myself in a bunch of nothing

I refuse to be lost

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Yesterday’s Whisper

Will you miss my words
If I stop writing them for you to read
Will you miss me if I become silent
If my whispers no longer carry to you on the breeze

You keep your distance
For that only I am to blame
But does your heart still flutter
When someone mentions my name

Some things forever change
But some things, even when they are cut with knife
Still keep their soul
Still stay the same

So, will my memory whisper to you
Before you turn to sleep
Will you still smile for me
Will I be a secret you keep

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Not Myself

One cold day
I broke something
That shouldn’t be broken

One sad day
I hated me
Enough to hurt you

The bittersweet pill
That I would seek

But what good would it do?
Now that he and not I
Wraps his arms around you

One bad day
I found a shred of doubt
And I made it my truth

© 2015 Peter Anstiss




Just for a day

Let’s run away
Just for a day
Go play in the hay
Hear what the stars have to say

Do they whisper to you?
Like they whisper to me
Forbidden fruits
Undying truths

Sunshine yesterdays
Chase those clouds away
Getting drunk on you
If you’ll drink with me

We can forget who we are
Be lovers beneath the stars
There are not that many days
If you’ve got something to say

Then say

Say what you think
Say what you mean
Say what you need
Say if you love me

Let’s run away go out in a blaze
Will you dance in the rain
Will you think me insane
Kickstart this dream again

Just for a day

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss

Venice Sky 1

Beneath a Venice sky
In cool shadows I glide
A peace beyond the bustle
Transported by water and muscle

Not just a city, but a living monument to the past
Her facade both regal and holy
Pressed on all corners by the disease of modern
Yet she resists those that conspire to diminish the allure of her beauty

This city of romance will not stand forever
The tide will make its claim
But for now I will relax and fill my thoughts with you
And let the water whisper your name

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss

Quiet Venice