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Another frost fire day

It’s a frost fire day
And his old pains sting
The old wounds bleed
And he don’t want his needs

His bad blood pounds
With it’s a haunting sound
And he can’t find the key
To unlock his mood

He has his salves
But nothing soothes
Some fires burn
And nothing’s learned

He has grasped at life’s sand
And it’s slipped through his hand
No run to pace, no place to hide
No weapon to kill, his pain inside

So he lets the frost fire burn
And he will run
Let the black waves crash
And he will bash

Fates stubborn head
Against his brick walls
Until he can feel nothing
Nothing, at all

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Frost Fire Days

On frost fire days
When all you are is need
When killers don’t kill the pain
Or stop the bleed

On frost fire days
Don’t clutch at straws
With fingers numb
And feelings raw

You must not yearn
For that needed kiss
That can never again
Touch your lips

Some things are forever lost,
When through fingertips they slip
Those tender moments
Are now someone else’s gift

On frost fire days
There are things to be done
Forget battles lost
Think of what you’ve won

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

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