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Love is a strange language

In chloroform dreams
My heart aches beautifully
It’s the essence of you I need

In constrained words
I write to you often
But barren are my seeds

In metaphors and semaphore
I speak my strange language
I swear, you used to understand

I am twisted by loves blade
Caught and tortured
By uncontrollable demand

She is embedded deep
And though I ache
I don’t weep, I am not sure I can

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

25  more poems of dark love, broken hearts and sad loss are available from me in my new Ebook ‘Heart Shaped Sin’ which can be downloaded from most online stores.

Hi Res HSS Book Cover



Sling shot

I want to sling shot
Around your heart
Time travel right back
To the start

I want to kiss you
For the first time again
Feel the warmth of your breath
As you whisper my name

There are some battles
That just can’t be won
Some decisions
That can’t be undone

Is that the way it is?
Is that the way it needs to be?
Between you and me
Can’t we conquer history

I want to thrill
At the touch of your flesh
Be forever young
Never haunted by death

So many things get lost
But good things stand the test
We are a good thing
But a good thing with a twist

There are some battles
That just can’t be won
Some decisions
That can’t be undone

Is that the way it is?
Is that the way it needs to be?
Between you and me
Can’t we rewrite our history

© 2014 Peter Anstiss

The beginnings of a song…

Venice Sky 1

Beneath a Venice sky
In cool shadows I glide
A peace beyond the bustle
Transported by water and muscle

Not just a city, but a living monument to the past
Her facade both regal and holy
Pressed on all corners by the disease of modern
Yet she resists those that conspire to diminish the allure of her beauty

This city of romance will not stand forever
The tide will make its claim
But for now I will relax and fill my thoughts with you
And let the water whisper your name

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss

Quiet Venice

Sky wp


Not Forgetting Love

Sometimes when I am
Caught behind the grey
I reach for the blue
By thinking of you

Can sunshine yesterdays?
Chase those clouds away
I want to get drunk on you
Will you drink with me?

Let’s run away
Just for a day
Go play in the hay
Hear what the stars have to say

Do they whisper to you?
Like they whisper to me
Forbidden fruits
Undying truths

We can forget who we are
Be lovers beneath the stars
Few are the days
If you’ve got something to say

Then say
Say what you need
Say what you dream
Say if you love me

Let’s run away
Go out in a blaze
Will you dance in the rain?
Will you think me insane?

Can we start this again?
All love is not the same
Sometimes everything shifts
And nothing is changed

Let’s run away
Just for a day
Go play in the hay
Hear what the stars have to say

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss


Tops our tree
Like her never me

She is my glitter ball girl
These days I try to squeeze
Willingly Into her Christmas world

She is hope where I am still teenage cynic
She lights so many worlds, not just mine by being in it

People I love cut these scars so deep in my Christmas past
So many examples of how to get things wrong what took me so long
To make a start
To get things right
Glitter ball girl
You are my world
You have my heart

Friday I'm in love

Love echoes

An echo of you
It sounds within my heart
It makes me long for replays
And second starts

An echo of you
Touches deep within my soul
Such memories
Such gaping holes

An echo of you
Rings deep within my bones
In the whisper of that echo
I am never alone

An echo of you
Will always make me smile
When life lets me listen to it
Once in a while

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss


The photo is of two of my favourite things. Whilst having too much of one, I spent a fruitless hour, trying to capture the soul of them both in virtual celluloid. Eventually I gave up and wrote this short sad song/poem instead.


A Short Song of Regret
I’m in a dark place
Won’t someone turn on a light?
Crack open a door
Show me the way, to what I was, once before
I need a friend
To tell a joke or two
To teach me how to laugh
Now I am without you
I need a drink or five
To help me survive
To make me forget
To ease my regret
At all the time
I have spent
Without you
Without you

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss



Spite and lies upon his lips
Words and blood from his mouth spits
I was a puppet at his finger tips
I was just a kid

I took his sin, he took my hits
If anyone deserves this, he did
But still it’s me left broken inside
Even at the turning of the tide

Manipulation was his game
He knew how to work my shame
Which way to twist the knife
He knew how to shatter a life

In revenge there was no glory
Just another chapter in my sordid story
Once I swallowed every lie
And became the boy dead inside

The final twist was the worst of all
Truth from lies, I can’t tell at all
The doctor says, it can’t be true
The needles leave me black and blue

Yet the baron girl she haunts me still
I guess she always will
Some thing’s can’t be undone
Even when a victories won

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

Love and hate: Lesson one

I am always afraid
Since he hunted me down
Stripped me of my innocence
Robbed me of my pride
I want to grow beyond that
But I can’t escape his shadow
It is a wound that won’t heal
That’s why I am here

You really want to do this?
I nod,
Very well he says…
I see his doubt but…
I need this strength
I need this purpose
I have been afraid so long
I will die, if I can’t shake myself free

He wrote the letters on each finger
You will love your left hand
Your jab will keep your opponent at bay
Love, will protect you when others try to make hay
Love with your left
It will pave the way for hate

He wrote the letters on each finger
Everybody must fear your hate
Whenever you throw hate
It must hurt
Hate must carry the weight
Of all your fury
It will reap pain and fear
It will buckle knees and brake bones
It will split skin and swell flesh
I have plenty of hate
I have hate to spare
So much hate it scares me

Do you think you can do that?
I nod mutely,
I know I can,
Love, love, love, hate, love, hate!
The mantra has begun
The fights will flow
I have love, I have hate, I will devastate.

Flesh and bone they fall before me
No one is less afraid
They all want to live more than I do
That’s why they lose
My hate, my fear, my shame
Washed Clean

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

Tales of the Comeback Kid’s will be a collection of poems charting survival. A journey from dark childhood tinged with sadness to great triumphs. How we survive adversity is what really defines us. Fate shakes his dice and we have to cope with the numbers good or bad. We are all comeback kids, but some of us have further to climb than others

I don’t have a release date for this collection, but I will be posting some excerpts over the next few months.