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Haunting love

She stirs the blood
This haunting love

I let her go
And that was wrong

These scars I bare
They make me strong

But strength
Doesn’t keep you warm

Mistakes I make
They keep me awake

I am full of needs
That I don’t want

And she never knew
She saved my life

And she never knew
She did it twice

I am full of regrets
That I can’t shake

I refused to take

For my secrets
She does not care

She only remembers
I was never there

Haunted by memories
Haunted by a love we don’t share

© 2014 Peter Anstiss


A strain on stitches

Today I write about my scars

Beneath the moon and all its stars

I’ll write of tears that I’ve cried

My fights, my battle cries


Tomorrow I might not exist

And you’ll forget that  we once kissed

Beneath a moon,, beneath the stars

All those dreams didn’t take us far

I would like to start again

To have at least one more friend

To never take that turn

To show, that even I can learn


For now I’ll hold you in my heart

And hope that the stitches do not part

That I can wash away my shames

And finally get my demons tamed

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss