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Another thread is cut
Like scissors shearing cloth
All that binds is falling
It can’t be stopped

So little holds us together
A constant emptying of forever
Washing away upon the tide
A moon upon the slide

Celluloid burning memories
Those eyes that no longer see
Spinning sounds, thrashing art
Words so rarely bleed

But your words bled for me
Echoing wants and needs
Filling moments when it rained
In the darkness of my pain

© 2016 Peter Anstiss


Manchester, my spiritual home…

Manchester is my spiritual home
I go there when I am alone
It’s where it doesn’t matter what’s in my heart
It’s where no one sees me fall apart

I walk with ghosts and friends of old
The silence weighs heavy on my soul
I pray that in one thing, religion is wrong
And he might hear the holy song

This place of rain and bitter winds
This place of football and songs I sing
It seems to understand the path I tread
It soothes my heart when I am full of dread

Could we walk together one more time?
Maybe you could place your hand in mine?
And I could tell you why I caused you pain
And in a small way we might begin again

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss