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A penny for the dullard poor…

Those skinny arsed boys
Are leaning on the wall again
In their dirty faded jeans and joggers
With their rawboned faces they all look the same

Education and opportunity is passing them by
They are wild eyed knife carriers
Caught in switch blade lives
Without a guiding hand to keep them from the night

Another generation lost
They only have fading hope
And even that is destined to blow up
In a puff of hash pipe smoke

But for chance them and me
We would be the same
But for someone taking time
An artist of motivation, a sketcher of different lines

Still the pillars of our communities
Witter on about rising levels of poverty
But line their pockets all the same
Whilst flatly refusing to take any blame

I have heard it whispered it’s in our genes
I challenged just what that means
Are the poor genetically imprisoned
Or just modern slaves to unreason

They speak it secretly in their Ivory towers
And whisper it on their parliamentary benches
But even us dullard poor
Know exactly what that stench is

I know my revolution will never come
But in small ways I have won
This poor boy who came from nothing
Is proud of the things he’s done

But what about them…?

© 2015 Peter Anstiss