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The midnight runner

Under the watery midnight moon
An injured runner gently jogs
Is it because I never sleep
That I am pounding lonely streets
Or because I am a loon
Or the fact that no one will see my gloom
If my broken body drifts back out of tune
If my muscles are truly ruined
Now I may be broken, but I am not defeated
There are dreams and hopes yet completed


© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Running in my sleep

Today I woke and heard the rain
Whispering to me on the window pain
‘Get up and run’ it is a constant tug
A deep yearning for that post run buzz

Then a familiar ache reminds me
I still have to tame and heal this crippled leg
Exercises looping on repeat,
Strengthen rest, strengthen rest,

For all my work I cannot ever be complete
But maybe I can be just enough
All I need is a path that’s clear
A lot of healing and a little luck

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Another year passes

As December bells toll
We should glance down
At our emotional bullet holes
Marvelling at the resilience
Of our bodies
And the beauty of our souls

We survive because we must…

One of the best pieces of advice ever given to me was, ‘There is always another way, you just have to find it.’ That advice and its delivery was listened to a little late for some of my mistakes, but finding other ways is something I want to be a part of me. It keeps me chasing down dreams, bouncing back from adversity and suffering with a smile the daily grind us mere mortals have to tolerate. Setting lifestyle goals has been a part of that and when I look back at the challenges I set myself in 2014 I can do so with a sense of achievement, even if I have had dark days when it all fell apart.

So what have I achieved?

Sharing more of what I write.

I have started to keep my writing pledges. In 2014 I have bravely shared more of my words on WordPress than before and been pleasantly surprised by the reaction. My twenty four posts have received over a thousand visits from all over the world. This has vastly exceeded my expectations and given my writing a new sense of purpose. The writing community on WordPress and Twitter has proved a great place to be. People have been kind enough to let me know when my words have moved them and I hope my own thoughts have been positive for others.

I am still thin!

For those of you who don’t know me I have lost over four stone in the last three years. Just the other day I threw away the last of my big pants. One final admission to myself that I am thin and I am not getting fat again. It is a great place to be, but project chasing the arse of my seventeen year old self will be an on going endeavour. It ain’t easy, nothing worth doing ever is.

Be a runner.

My commitment has been scuppered by injury and illness twice in 2014, but I have stuck to it even though three months of enforced rest has been hard. My physio therapist told me I walk wrong, run wrong and breath wrong. Not the first time I have not been able to get anything right. I won’t give up though, instead I have joined the ministry of silly walks and crazy runs in an attempt to change my running and walking styles. The hope is that this will help complete my recovery and bullet proof me against future injury. It is hard work that has drawn a few beeping horns from passing cars on cold winter nights, but in truth I will happily draw a few laughs if it means I can start putting in the sort of mileage I want to.

So where to now?

Well it appears I still have words left in me so committing to share them is almost a given. (I might even sing a few of them if I am feeling particularly brave.) So, instead I will commit to publishing at least one of the three projects that I have on the go at the moment. Even if that means self publishing. I will continue my running, though with more care. (I think I might’ve said that before.) I will cling to my pipe dreams, live my life, love with abandon and change when I have to. If you have got this far I guess I might’ve been mildly entertaining and interesting, or you love me, or you are a sucker for punishment, whichever it is I salute you and wish you a happy and productive new year.

‘Set targets, chase dreams and overcome disappointment.’

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss