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Rabbit Holes

Sometimes I find myself
Falling through the cracks
Plunging down those old familiar rabbit holes
Plumbing my own despair
Finding places where I barely need to breath let alone care

Sometimes when I am lost in the dark
The echo of your voice
It still finds me there
And your sweet memory draws me home
My love unknown

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

imageSuch a pretty thing

She was such a pretty thing
Like a rare butterfly
So fragile, yet so graceful
On the wing

He was so predatory
Oozing charisma and charm
He had so many disguises
This collector of prizes

She needs what she needs
She needs to believe
His words smooth like silk
Those lips soft and skilled

Like a spider he watches
With words a web he spins
He wants what he wants
He takes what he takes

She is lost in her hopes
So she never looks close
At the eyes that can’t hide the lies
Instead she is roped

He doesn’t care what he breaks
He is not ashamed to just take
She is not the first and won’t be the last
To be swept away in his riptide

We are not all players…
Not everyone is game…
When I stood above him
He remembered her name

She was such a pretty thing

© 2015 Peter Anstiss



An offered shield

This used to be the place
Where my friends mother worked
Even though she has passed from this earth
Her kindness still speaks to me on silent days
In wordless echoes felt even in all this desolation
Like the sun upon my face

Ticking Time

She is love, unstinting
She is the cradle, where you began
She is fading, piece by piece
She is falling, and can’t be caught
She is emptying, it can’t be stopped
She is always with you, an echo in your heart
She is mum, she loves her daughters, she loves her sons

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

A mixture of emotions flung together with thoughts of my mum and the mothers of others.


Smoke and Mirrors


Today I’ll wake to daily pain

But I no longer let it own me

I found a way to keep me sane

To somehow keep my smile


Carefully under lock and key I keep

These scars and ruined bones

My skeleton in my cupboard stays

At least for now, anyway


It is just smoke and mirrors that I use

Illusions of the mind to pull me through

A trick I learnt from you

The only good to emerge from the evil you do


So I take my screams and place them in

An unused biscuit tin

A callous twist of fate might set them free

But that, is the uncertain happiness of being me


© 2013 by Peter Anstiss




Spite and lies upon his lips
Words and blood from his mouth spits
I was a puppet at his finger tips
I was just a kid

I took his sin, he took my hits
If anyone deserves this, he did
But still it’s me left broken inside
Even at the turning of the tide

Manipulation was his game
He knew how to work my shame
Which way to twist the knife
He knew how to shatter a life

In revenge there was no glory
Just another chapter in my sordid story
Once I swallowed every lie
And became the boy dead inside

The final twist was the worst of all
Truth from lies, I can’t tell at all
The doctor says, it can’t be true
The needles leave me black and blue

Yet the baron girl she haunts me still
I guess she always will
Some thing’s can’t be undone
Even when a victories won

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

I know you

I know you

You lived down my street

You went to my school

You were young and almost pretty

Now you’re a girl with hollow eyes

And ravaged skin you laugh

But it sounds like a lie

Alive but no one left within

We kissed once under a willow

But it was nothing much

We barely touched

You were all smiles and no sorrow

Bad things happened

In that place where we lived

Your parents should’ve worried about other things

Not that innocent kiss

Did what happened to me?

Happen to you!

They made me a ghost too

But I came back, so could you

I look into your eyes

And know that’s not true

I knew you

But you’re gone

Love and hate: Lesson one

I am always afraid
Since he hunted me down
Stripped me of my innocence
Robbed me of my pride
I want to grow beyond that
But I can’t escape his shadow
It is a wound that won’t heal
That’s why I am here

You really want to do this?
I nod,
Very well he says…
I see his doubt but…
I need this strength
I need this purpose
I have been afraid so long
I will die, if I can’t shake myself free

He wrote the letters on each finger
You will love your left hand
Your jab will keep your opponent at bay
Love, will protect you when others try to make hay
Love with your left
It will pave the way for hate

He wrote the letters on each finger
Everybody must fear your hate
Whenever you throw hate
It must hurt
Hate must carry the weight
Of all your fury
It will reap pain and fear
It will buckle knees and brake bones
It will split skin and swell flesh
I have plenty of hate
I have hate to spare
So much hate it scares me

Do you think you can do that?
I nod mutely,
I know I can,
Love, love, love, hate, love, hate!
The mantra has begun
The fights will flow
I have love, I have hate, I will devastate.

Flesh and bone they fall before me
No one is less afraid
They all want to live more than I do
That’s why they lose
My hate, my fear, my shame
Washed Clean

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

Tales of the Comeback Kid’s will be a collection of poems charting survival. A journey from dark childhood tinged with sadness to great triumphs. How we survive adversity is what really defines us. Fate shakes his dice and we have to cope with the numbers good or bad. We are all comeback kids, but some of us have further to climb than others

I don’t have a release date for this collection, but I will be posting some excerpts over the next few months.