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Locked Doors and Lost Loves

Sometimes you close a door
And everything changes
Your heart stays young
Whilst everything else ages
Love can set you free
But at times it cages
For you I could unlock
For you I could be ageless

© 2016 Peter Anstiss

I took this picture on a recent holiday. This sad and unloved door stood amidst a row of perfectly presented houses. It oozed character and begged for its tale to be unlocked, but perhaps some secrets are best left to the imagination…


High tides and low ebbs

When the sun shines
The waves can still crash

The rainbow she radiates
While the rain falls and the winds lash

I cut you deep I know I did
That sort of thing is not easy to forgive

Can you be bad for good reasons?
Despite the passing of all those seasons

I still long to say I am sorry
Those words are forever on my lips

But I never make a sound
Inside I just drown

You still linger in me,
The essence of you is the waking thought I breath

Fresh from the nightmares
That haunt me in my sleep

Though new love replaces old
Not all embers need to be cold

We are stars caught in an endless free fall
Does it mean everything, or nothing at all

© 2015 Peter Anstiss