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What we write…

What we write
Can consume us
Becoming bullets
That blast through us
Moments in words
That douse all the flames
In the midst of a song
A whispered name

Sometimes the words
They won’t come
Like a love you can’t feel
When hurt leaves you numb
But love is still there!
Even though the river is dammed
We must do what we can
It’s never enough
To silently write

We must be heard…

Peter Anstiss
Copyright 2017


Pressure Points

Life may want to tenderise me,
But I won’t be staked out,
I will be free,

This pain is mine and mine alone,
But it won’t stop me,
I won’t be owned,

I ain’t know career opportunity,
For friends of friends,
That pretend to know me,

If you want something from me,
Then show me that secret scar,
The one you hide,

Or at least,
Reveal your contempt,
I am always undone by honesty,

Instead you hide,
Behind your spreadsheets,
And your spin,

Protect yourself,
At all costs,
Politics? Another word for sin,

© 2015 Peter Anstiss