About Peter Anstiss

I am a writer of fantasy, songs, poems, short stories, big lies and terrible truths. My aim in all forms of my work, is to evoke emotions and entertain. I guess that is the end game for all writers. So if you read something and it makes you smile, or makes you sad, then I am doing something right. It’s not all about you though. Writing is therapy and fun all in one. My views are all my own…  unless…. Or else… I guess…

  1. rlsharpe says:

    Thanks for the follow, and welcome to wordpress. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

  2. Sir Peter. We have the same blog skin. hahaha. 😉 Tnx for the follow. I’m looking forward for your amazing blog 😉

  3. Su Leslie says:

    Thanks for the follow and for introducing me to your blog. I’m not a poetry person as a rule, but I like the rhythm and voice of what I’ve read her so far.

    • petescribes says:

      Hi Su, thanks for dropping by and checking out some of my poems. Glad you like the style, I write a lot of lyrics and I think that is probably where it comes from. (Real poets probably wouldn’t like it) lol but I quite enjoy being frowned upon. I am not far behind you in arriving at that golden age, I intend to have my second childhood 🙂

      • Su Leslie says:

        “Real poets” 🙂 Some of my favourite poetry is contained in lyrics. And I totally approve of a second childhood. I think everyone should have one. Cheers, Su.

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