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Standing Stones

Our grief defined in expanding rows,
Of standing stones, of missing friends,
Of love you sowed, of wrenching ends,
Those echoes of laughter, carried in our hearts
I keep them banked against future dark

© 2014 Peter Anstiss


The whispering path

What awaits at the end of the path
My love, my hate,
Futures bright, or painful past
A beginning, an end?

So I stand and can’t take a step
I am just echoes of former glories
Whispers of untold stories
For I know this place

This is where my fear was found
Where pain gnaws at my weary bones
This is where my demons hide
A leap of faith just might stem nightmares tide

Or the tide may take me…

© 2014 Peter Anstiss





On rain swept days
When I am all need and scars
When I am owned by pain

I can’t see what you
Or anyone else
Would love about me

Yet you do!
Even when the sea
Whispers my name

Even when the silence
Stakes its claim
You do!

Knowing what you know
These seeds of dragon bones I sow
These skeletons I feed

I have been doing this so long
Is it right?
Was it ever wrong

Seeds for hate
Seeds for sorrow
I sow today to reap tomorrow

But never in the way
That someone sowed
And reaped me

When they rise
Shields readied and blades sharpened
They will to try to finish me

I will fight
For that is what I do
Something I do for you

The clash of blades
It keeps me among the living
Loving you, it keeps me brave

You are my quest
You keep me from my crusade
The one that’s bad for me

© 2014 by Peter Anstiss


A bed of thorns

When the bud blooms,
When the sun rises,
In the lifting gloom,
On sleepless nights,
When the stitches come out,
When I’m lost in doubt,
In my nightmares,
In my dreams,
I think of you,
In shades of blue,
In passionate reds,
In crumpled beds,
The loving heart,
I tore apart,

© 2014 Peter Anstiss

Leaves fall, time passes…

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Home

Something from last year. The passing of time

Pete Scribes


The leaves fall from the trees
The seasons so timeless pass
Like nomadic friends
On a journey, that never ends

Like a child I kick
Through dead leaves and sticks
I think of you
Whatever I do

It’s at times like these
I am so sure
The essence of you
Still clings to me

Which is good,
Because I want it too
Each season sings its own memories renewed
Cherished little pieces of me and you

© 2013 by Peter Anstiss

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I languish in my loneliness
Beneath the heavy cloak I made
From all those shattered dreams
On all those dark winters days

I brood, I scream
I am lost, I pray,
I snap, I snarl
I compensate the days away

I work the anvil of this broken body
Creating only cold comforts
In failing, straining muscle
I am marking time, marking pace

I need the thrill coursing in my blood
I lack the the patience, not the will
When will I return
When will I heal

© 2014 Peter Anstiss