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Three wishes

I wish…
My heart would stop aching for you
It’s not as if these lips
Can speak the truth
Or repeat that kiss
I wish…
The world would stop reminding me
Of everything about you
All the things I miss
All the time we spent as two
I wish…
My mind would stop turning
It’s not as if answers can come
That time can recalibrate
Like the past can be undone

Do you wish?

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Stolen Smiles

Does it make me a bad person
Because it hurts
That someone else gave you back
The smile
I never wanted to take away

© 2013 Peter Anstiss


The October sky and the long shadow hunter

The sun falls so rapidly
From the October sky
Leaving me amongst the leaves
Hunted by shadows, craving sleep

But sleep so rarely comes
In shadow I am undone
And your memory seeps in
To remind me of my sin

Time slides by so relentlessly
It takes its toll on our skin and our souls
Even those that are closest
Can forget the salves that sooth me

Our endless spending
Is matched by our obsessive working
Always rushing, speeding,
when we should be walking, talking

Could you stop and hold me?
Surrender a single moment
But instead you forget us
Losing faith, breaking trust

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Sleepless in suburbia

4am and I am pounding the streets again,
Young at heart, old of soul,
Knife wounds and bullet holes,
This body sings its own stories,
The cold morning mist echoes with pain,

Do you have to be dying,
To bargain with the dead,
I keep talking to the bones,
But they haven’t answered yet,
I have faced it down, did I pass the test?

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Rabbit Holes

Sometimes I find myself
Falling through the cracks
Plunging down those old familiar rabbit holes
Plumbing my own despair
Finding places where I barely need to breath let alone care

Sometimes when I am lost in the dark
The echo of your voice
It still finds me there
And your sweet memory draws me home
My love unknown

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

imageSuch a pretty thing

She was such a pretty thing
Like a rare butterfly
So fragile, yet so graceful
On the wing

He was so predatory
Oozing charisma and charm
He had so many disguises
This collector of prizes

She needs what she needs
She needs to believe
His words smooth like silk
Those lips soft and skilled

Like a spider he watches
With words a web he spins
He wants what he wants
He takes what he takes

She is lost in her hopes
So she never looks close
At the eyes that can’t hide the lies
Instead she is roped

He doesn’t care what he breaks
He is not ashamed to just take
She is not the first and won’t be the last
To be swept away in his riptide

We are not all players…
Not everyone is game…
When I stood above him
He remembered her name

She was such a pretty thing

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


Heart Shaped Sin

A heart
A small space
With a large perspective

Fickle or true
It is all that defines us
Everything for me, will always be you

This heart shaped sin
I am the boy on a string
Is it me or is it him

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


You are not for me

Your petals open
Your beauty is formed in full
I don’t feel worthy enough
To look upon you at all

It’s not as if I am the sun
It’s not as if I am special
So I linger longingly, but I will not stay
Destiny shall have its way

I shall hold this moment in my heart
I shall fade away and make a new start
For you are not for the likes of me
A fact that only you couldn’t see

© 2015 Peter Anstiss



Yesterday’s Whisper

Will you miss my words
If I stop writing them for you to read
Will you miss me if I become silent
If my whispers no longer carry to you on the breeze

You keep your distance
For that only I am to blame
But does your heart still flutter
When someone mentions my name

Some things forever change
But some things, even when they are cut with knife
Still keep their soul
Still stay the same

So, will my memory whisper to you
Before you turn to sleep
Will you still smile for me
Will I be a secret you keep

© 2015 Peter Anstiss


The Mask

A coat for the rain
Pills for the pain
Breaths for the stress

A mask for the day ahead
Amongst the living
Despite the dead

© 2014 Peter Anstiss